Monday, 9 December 2013

Moto G Unboxing

With the expertise that comes with being one of the world’s largest software companies, Google doesn’t have the best credentials when it comes to hardware production. Google purchased the struggling Motorola Mobility to head their mobile device production. A few months after this purchase, we got a look at the first smartphone to come out of the new collaboration between the two companies in the form of the Moto X. The Moto X seemed to be Motorola’s answer to a smartphone that just works for consumers. After 6 months since Google’s acquisition of Motorola, we’re seeing a slightly more active production line. This time presented in their newest budget smartphone, the Moto G. Coming in at just $179 for an 8GB unlocked handset, the Moto G is bordering on impulse-purchase territory. The Moto G packs a 1.2GHz quad-core processor alongside of 1GB of RAM.

Another considerable selling point for the Moto G, or indeed it’s older sibling the Moto X, is the fact that both run as close to stock Android as you’re likely to get buying directly from a manufacturer. Motorola’s Android skin is no more, and when you boot up the device for the first time you’ll be greeted with Android 4.3 jelly Bean and a few Motorola pre-installed apps. A small price to pay for that vanilla Android experience. Android 4.4 KitKat will be making it’s way to the Moto G in ‘early 2014′.

From an initial testing phase, it seems that phone has almost no problem at all running Android 4.3, and yet to listen any issues with stuttering or performance issues.

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