Thursday, 12 December 2013


Connor Johnson is 6 years old and he’s on a mission, a mission to save NASA. Since the tender age of 3, Connor has been fixated on space. His fascination doesn’t have only to do with the fact that space is cool. It’s also because he believes it’s in his future. “The whole reason I want to be an astronaut is so I can discover, like, new worlds,” Conner said. NASA has inspired generations of kids like Connor who, too, have imagined landing in space. But last week Congress announced that it’s cutting funding to the space program, threatening not only Connor’s dreams but those of millions of children thinking of one day becoming scientists or astronauts.

Connor, however, isn’t letting go of his dreams without a fight. “My whole idea was writing off to the President and then I decided to give my whole piggy bank to NASA. I have about $10.41,” Conner explained. After talking with his family, Connor decided to go one step further than just his piggy bank. He decided to start a petition on the White House website. For a petition to go public on the general website it needs 150 signatures, and Connor’s petition did get the requisite 150 signatories… now he just needs about 95,000 more to get a response from the White House.

Connor thinks he can accomplish his mission because NASA has shown him that any objective can be accomplished in small steps. This 6-year-old is on a mission to save NASA’s space exploration program. As of today Connor’s petition has reached close to 4,500 signatures, but he needs 100,000 to get a response from the White House. 

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