Monday, 16 December 2013

Best happy birthday wishes

May Allah showers his endless blessings on you on your birthday amen
Happy Birthday to you

i’m very glad when i come
to know about your birthday…:)
Your parents surely proud of you.
it’s great moments when you
celebrate your birthday with your parents.
So, my dear It’s my genuine
pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday!

Wish you a very happy birthday May life lead you 2 great happiness success and hope that all your wishes comes true! enjoy your day.

It’s great feelings when you know,
someone likes you,
someone cares about you,
someone thinks about you,
someone adore you,
someone needs you,
But it’s feels much better
when you know that,
someone never forgets your
So, Happy Birthday my dear.

Wishing u 12 months of
52 weeks of FUN
365 days of LAUGHTER
8760 hours of GOOD LUCK
525600 minutes of JOY
31536000 seconds of SUCCESS.

I pray you have all the finest
Bestest things in life,
And everything
what you think those immediately comes true amen
Happy Birthday Brother

Birthdays are 4 fun
Enjoy a sticky bun
I’m glad u r my mate
Hope ur birthdays great.
Birthday Sms

This birthday,
I wish you abundant happiness and love.
May all your dreams turn into reality
and may lady luck visit your home today.
Happy Birthday to one of the
sweetest person I’ve ever known..!!

Birthdays are 4 fun
Enjoy a sticky bun
I'm glad u r my mate
Hope ur birthdays great.

About astrology and palmistry:
they are good because they make people vivid
and full of possibilities.
They are communism at its best.
Everybody has a birthday and almost everybody has a palm.

I wish you simple pleasures in life…
Evergreen happiness
A truly bright future
Most of all Birthday Wishes
Full of smiles and cheers

U R special, U R a sister who fights wid me,
plays wid me, suggest me & shouts at me.
But U r so softhearted & I love U my dear sister.
Happy Birthday 2 U!

wish u many many happy returns of day.have a
every enjoyfull moment in ur life .
have delightfull every second of every minutes.
enjoy a day with
happyness best luck for ur brightness future .best
wishesh for ur enjouful birthday.....
$**@HaPpY BirtHdaY@**$

Dear brother hope you have a pleasureful life.
I’m very glad to know you are just few years
younger then me and specially today is your birthday.
So, enjoy birthday with sister, father,
mother and please take care of them…
You will receive your gift soon.
Happy birthday dear brother!

There would be a great hustle bustle
in your home of course today is
the important for a great personality
yes, I’m talking about you,
my dear enjoy every single moment of today…
Happy Birthday dear!

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