Monday, 30 September 2013

World’s first 24kt gold, rose gold and platinum iPhone 5s

If you happen to be in Abu Dhabi and have an insatiable thirst for the finer things in life, then it may be worth swinging by the Emirates Palace Hotel. The swish hotel is the venue for this year’s World Luxury Expo, and although it will showcase some of the world’s finest luxury brands, it’s the 24kt Gold iPhone 5s. The world famous Gold & Co London are extremely well-known for taking some of the finest technology available and putting it through a process which makes it affordable to only the world’s elite. They have clearly wasted very little time in getting their hands on the iPhone 5s and seem extremely proud to be able to present the world’s first 24 karat Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum versions of the device in the United Arab Emirates. 

The London based company will be publicly unveiling the unique devices during the luxury expo and will represent the first time they will actually be seen out in the wild. Consumers aren't going to want to confuse this release with Apple’s official Gold colored device as there is a significant different in device aesthetics as well as the price of the hardware. For those who simply need this expense in their life then Gold & Co London are currently taking pre-orders of the gold and platinum plated smartphone through one of their various outlets.

There is only going to be very few people who actually have the required finances or inclination to own a 24k gold or platinum iPhone 5s. The company is keen to stress that any images shown are actual product images and not Photoshopped creations. We have to admit that they do immediately scream of lavishness and quality. You would really feel comfortable knowing that your smartphone is worth more than most other things in your life.

Last year’s gold plated iPhone 5, produced by the same company, set consumers back $5000, so it’s safe to assume that we will be looking at the same ball park figure this time around. If you’re lucky enough to have been invited to this year’s World Luxury Expo then you can get a first hand glimpse.

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