Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nail art designs for Eid

Every woman wants to look beautiful and pretty. Each one of them spends a great deal of time and effort for this. Hands are the most prominent and major part of human body. Human nails add to the beauty of these hands. Nails are also decorated in different ways and styles. Different companies have launched various special nails paints and other products. Nail paints are available in many types of bold and beautiful colors and their particular shades and tones. They may be simple, shiny or glossy in appearances which are applied in a variety of ways and creations.

Nail painting is itself a beautiful creative art. Where there is an open treaty in art designing similarly nail paint designing also has no limits. It can be applied simply in one tone or by the combination of two or more shades or colors. Further enhancement is added on these paints by ornamenting them with small flowers and beads. Beautiful patterns of floral, geometrical and classical styles also boost the beauty of nail paint art and the hands of the person. Various combinations of double colors make the nails look smart like the contrast of black and white, yellow and black, green and black, green and purple and many others. Nail paint art is the world’s best known creative talent which is liked by eastern and western women all over the world. Following are the few popular designs for ladies to choose:-

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