Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Most unknown and overlooked creatures on earth

Given below are the bizarre lives of some of the most unknown and overlooked creatures on the planet. There are hundreds of weird and wonderful creatures, and following is the collection of images from all over the world to illustrate their fascinating lives. Some of the organisms have huge spikes, transparent skin, fangs and some can even  glow in the dark. The enormous collection of photographs shows different lineages of creatures and hundreds of species from worms to jellyfish. Although the majority of the animals are extremely small, their lives are incredibly complex and some can even regrow their own brains. One picture shows a wasp with five eyes that reproduces by injecting eggs into other creatures which then grow and eat the host. Another amazing animal is a rainbow marine annelid worm with the ability to regenerate even if it was chopped into pieces. We have been able to just scratched the surface of understanding animal diversity. There are microscopic animals that live between sand grains on the seabed,  the lives of which are very poorly understood.

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