Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bunny released into the wild is grabbed by hawk

A bunny gets carried off by a hawk in a cruel video that shows that nature knows no mercy whatsoever. The fate of a rabbit changed immediately, who has been cared for by a loving family. Instants after they tried to release it back to the wild it was grabbed by a hawk. “Bunnies can fly,” the clip name reads, while promising to offer a proof for that. The video has been watched 1.4 million times. Uploader Joey Gore described finding the rabbit in their garage and feeding him for about a week. His young daughter is with him and his wife when the bunny becomes airborne, as a hawk snatches it away.

She screams as she notices the disaster, but Gore is not that impressed, even giggling a bit. The family bonding moment gone terribly wrong was posted by Joey Gore who writes:

Our little bunny that we found in the garage. Fed him for a week and let him go. Unfortunately the hawk had other plans... 
While it appears to be genuine, we're still hoping it's fake like the famous 'eagle snatching baby' incident.

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