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Best Apple iPhone 5s cases

Aluminium and glass iPhone 5s design gives it an adorable look but at the same time it can cost you a phone because it makes your phone more prone to damage. Buying a protective case for your iPhone will protect your device from accidental drops. iPhone 5s is in the market and  many cool cases & covers for iPhone 5s are available. Following are the few best iPhone 5 cases which will not only protect your device but will also give it a pleasant look:-

Incipio Kicksnap

The outer polycarbonate case protects from bumps and abrasions, but the unique selling point is the kickstand. Prop up your iPhone for a suitable viewing angle and make use of the wide landscape screen for movies and videos.

Incipio Stowaway

The NGP soft shell outer provides impact protection for your iPhone. Meanwhile, keep up to three cards safely hidden inside the stowaway compartment, safe from the prying fingers of teefs and sneaky friends.

Case-Mate Naked Tough

Perfect for anyone who wants to showcase the 5S' sleek design, Case-Mate's protective, two-piece case won't hide the looks of your new handset with its transparent finish and slimline design.

Elago S5 Outfit MATRIX

The Outfit MATRIX echoes the 5S' design language, but adds a dash of Autumnal coloring and a brushed aluminum finish.

 SwitchEasy Lanyard

If you want to carry the luxurious gilded theme through to your choice of case, the Lanyard brings a classy touch.

Sena Lugano Wallet

Adding more useful functionality than Apple's simple leather option, the Lugano Wallet gives you two card pockets.

 M-Edge Trina Turk Collection

If the iPhone 5S' naked looks don't do it for you and you're interested in a more fun and case design, check out M-Edge's collection of colorful covers that feature Trina Turk's terrific graphic prints.

The Snugg iPhone 5S Real Bamboo Wood Case

This handmade eco option is created from highly sustainable bamboo.

 Otterbox Defender

Tough case experts Otterbox is bringing its three-pronged protection to the iPhone 5s offering durable multi-layered polycarbonate and silicone materials which covers screen, back & sides and will guard not only against bumps and bruises but also against your mucky mits.

 Pantone Universe Snap-on

Simple, lightweight, protective, pretty much sums up the Pantone snap-on cases. Pantone's glossy in-mold decoration tech is the longest-lasting colour printing technique on the market. The new colours are all fabulous too, including Blue Atoll, Dandelion and Purple Cactus Flower.

 Case-Mate Glam

If you've really bought into the gold and silver theme for the new 5S, you can max the sparkle with one of Case-Mate's glittery "Glam" covers.

SwitchEasy Tones

The "Tones" case from SwitchEasy matches the 5S' two-tone design, but brings a much wider choice of color.

Proporta iPhone 5S Case with Mirror

This fashion case has handy pockets as well as a built-in mirror. Its vibrant contrasting colors will add a touch of fun to your iPhone.

OtterBox Defender

Otterbox is offering a range of protection for the new iPhone 5S. We're highlighting the "Defender Series" as it has been "designed specifically to accommodate the new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor technology."

 Apple iPhone 5S Leather Cases

Apple has announced a range of complimentary cowhide cases to perfectly cover the new iPhone 5S. The contoured "premium" leather options come in a range of colors -- black, brown, beige, yellow, blue and RED.

 Pantone Universe Clip and Go

Trusty polycarbonate, shock-absorbant silicone and a satin-finish flap combine to make a solid, impact-resistant case. They double as a stand too, so you can rest your phone in both portrait and landscape modes, ideal for videos and Facetime.

Belkin Lego Builder case

Adds creativity to your iPhone 5, while protecting it from unwanted bumps. Shock absorbent and scratch resistance features aside, this case from Belkin also lets you add classic Lego bricks right on its back.

 Tavik Pentry

Form-fitting Plexitonium hugs the curves of your precious iPhone, protecting it from bumps and scrapes, as per your usual silicone case. This one also comes with a full alphabet's worth of letters to insert into the back, so you can spell out a five letter word of your choice.

Case-Mate Madison

Though not the most protective cover we've seen for a phone, the Madison makes up for it with chic styling, thanks to the quilted leather casing finished with Swarovski crystal inserts. Also, there is a soft, microfibre lining, so you're not totally helpless if your phone slips from your grasp.

Seidio OBEX

The OBEX is designed to make sure you're pride and joy never gets so much as a scratch of damage, however badly you treat it. Rubber Silicone stoppers keep dust and liquids out of the key ports, whilst waterproof membranes protect the speakers and microphones without hurting the quality of your calls.


Hitcase has been around for awhile if you're an iPhone 4/4S user, but at CES the hardcase manufacturers confirmed that the Hitcase would be available for iPhone 5. The Hitcase covers the entirety of your iPhone, protecting it from all manner of dangerous situations, as well as being waterproof to 10 metres. It even comes with a harness for GoPro-esque shenanigans.

Incipio ATLAS

The ATLAS is waterproof, dustproof, snowproof, drop-proof, shockproof and probably lots of other things... proof. It's waterproof to a depth of 2m, for around an hour, making it not quite as waterproof as the LifeProof case, or the Seidio OBEX. 

LifeProof Frē

LifeProof claims that the Frē case is the most advanced ever built. It offers incredibly comprehensive, military grade elemental protection for your iPhone 5, along with good looks and a few colour choices. The Lifeproof case protects your camera lense with CrystalClear glass, ensuring that your photos remain, well... crystal clear.

Snugg case

There is nothing worse than pulling out your shiny, new iPhone and noticing a scratch on that beautiful glass rear or a dirty rub mark on the aluminium antenna. The Snugg Skinny fit iPhone provides a rubberised silicone designed to your iPhone giving it comforting protection without sacrificing any of the slim design.

X-Doria Dash

The only iPhone case with a window. The X-Doria Dash combines a glossy polycarbonate with a unique, perforated fabric that looks visually striking but provides all the necessary protection for your iPhone.

Gear4 Wave

A simple clip-on case from Gear4 provides access to all the necessary external buttons and new Lightning charge port. Most importantly, the cover itself looks great with a grooved wave design.

Scosche kickBACK Sport

An integrated kickstand makes FaceTime calling and movie watching a doddle, whilst the shock-resistant polycarbonate exterior offers protection during active workouts. A sweat, dirt, oil and abrasion-resistant material ensures this is the ideal case for all.

 Belkin ProFit Armband

Whether MiCoach, Nike+ or Endomondo is your running app of choice, if you’re investing in the iPhone 5, you are going to need to accommodate that extra screen estate. With an adjustable closure to prevent constant fiddling, there’s also a small pocket to keep your key or enough loose change for a bottle of Lucozade.

CalypsoCase Rainbow

If you are willing to spend a bit more on a more luxurious mobile home for the iPhone 5, CalypsoCase has joined forces with designer Lara Bohnic to bring her unique style to its latest handcrafted cases which include the ‘Rainbow’ made from a fashionista-loving glossy leather with silver finishing.

Proporta iPhone 5 Leather case

Flipping open like the business phones of old, this is a serious-looking case for suited folk. Constructed partly from aluminium to absorb knocks and drops, there's a soft black and cream pinstripe lining and also comes with a free screen protector.

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