Monday, 13 May 2013

Samsung Tests 5G Mobile Network Technology

The majority of the people may still be trying to get to 4G, and in technologically developed countries still don’t have even 3G. This doesn’t stopped various carriers and smartphone manufacturers from working on coming up with the fifth generation of mobile data, or 5G. With mobile data becoming more integral, we consume information as well as being the cornerstone of many a business. The scramble for ever increasing mobile data speeds has seen development of 5G begin . Samsung is one company tryng into the future with 5G, and it has announced that it has successfully run tests and have achieved a whopping 1Gbps download speed.

The test, using the 28 GHz waveband and 64 different antenna elements, took place at a time when Samsung is claiming that the technology could theoretically achieve tens of gigabits per second. To put 1Gbps speed into context, the theoretical maximum we should expect from the currently rolling out 4G technology is around 75Mbps. Samsung may not expect to get its G technology into the hands of customers until around the 2020 time frame. The European Commission’s aim to have 5G ready around the same time.

Samsung isn’t the only one currently testing 5G data, with NTT DoCoMo announcing a few months ago that it too had performed successful tests of its own fifth generation technology. It claimed to have achieved 10Gbps using a car full of antennas utilizing the 400MHz spectrum. 

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