Tuesday, 21 May 2013

EA to announce FIFA 14 at Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal Event

Microsoft is set to announce the next generation Xbox and Electronic Arts is set to announce a new version of its popular FIFA soccer franchise. The FIFA 14 will obviously be available on all other platforms too, but it is the next generation Xbox version which will be the first to be announced. No doubt alongside all kinds of games from all types of genre. FIFA is usually right near the top of the Xbox LIVE usage charts. It is perhaps fitting the Electronic Arts will be there to tell gamers what they can look forward to when they get their hands on later this year.

The company had already hinted at next generation versions of Madden and other sports titles during its quarterly conference call though it has stopped short of offering up a timescale. Microsoft’s next Xbox Reveal event is now less than twenty-four hours away, and with Sony having already put its PS4 out there, everyone is waiting to see what comes out. Rumors of what will and will not be part of the next ten years of Xbox have been doing the rounds for months now. With the truth set to be set free by Microsoft at its so called Xbox Reveal event, finally the rumors mjght stop.

Gamers have been glued to their Xbox 360 for years, and the next console is expected to be just as popular. Originally released back in 2005 and currently in its eighth year running, the Xbox 360 was something of a sleeper hit following on from a less than stellar original Xbox. This time the expectations are much higher. 

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