Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Auction of 'Perfect' white diamond in Geneva

Auction house Christie's auction house is putting up for auction "one of the world's most perfect diamonds" a new colourless, pear-shaped gem weighing 101.73 carats. A brilliant-cut, D (finest white,) flawless, diamond for auction during Magnificent Jewels in Geneva on November 14. The diamond is the largest brilliant-cut diamond of top quality to appear and is estimated at $12-16 million. In addition to its extraordinary features, the  diamond has also received the highest possible grading, listing the stone with D-color, Flawless Clarity, and "excellent" polish and symmetry. 

Sotheby’s stated the impressive diamond doesn't have a name, but the future owner would hold the privilege. Sotheby’s Geneva has in the past sold "named" diamonds, including the Star of the Season (100.10cts,) which was sold for $16.5 million. It remains the most expensive jewel ever to have been sold at auction.

David Bennett, chairman of jewelry at Sotheby’s Europe and the Middle East, and the auctioneer of the Star of the Season said,  “We are very privileged to have been chosen as the auction house to offer this magnificent and unique stone and aim to provide the perfect arena for it to receive the exposure that it deserves. In my 32-year career, this stone ranks among the most beautiful diamonds I have ever seen.”

Together with other highlights from the Geneva sale of Magnificent Jewels, the 84.37ct diamond will be on view in Hong Kong October 3-8; Paris October 11-12; New York October 14-17; Rome October 18-19; Los Angeles October 22; London October 24-26; Dubai October 29-30; Bahrain October 31 through November 1; and in Geneva November 10-13. 

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