Thursday, 30 May 2013

A diver drowned after his arm got stuck in the shells of a giant clam

A young chief in a small tribe in the Philippines named Bogtong had hired a group of the tribes best divers to find conch shells which could be traded for fish, because his village were starving and he lacked the resource to catch the fish which his village desperately needed.

After noon on the day of the first dive, Bogtong realized that he was missing one of his divers, Etem. All the men of the village were alarmed, as they feared that Etem had died at the hands of the giant octopus. The divers unsheathed their knives and jumped into the water searching for him.

They were incredibly surprised at where they had found Etem. He was in fact, dead, but he had drowned, there was no giant octopus in sight. Instead, there was a giant clam with Etem's arm reaching inside. The clam had shut it's shell on Etem's arm, and he was rendered helpless. But, what lead such an experienced diver to make such a fatal mistake?

As the villages pried the giant clam's shell open, they found what would later be known as the world's biggest pearl - weighing 14 pounds as a result of an abnormal act by Mother Nature. The pearl has been considered priceless, but, is it really a pearl worth dying for?

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