Friday, 29 March 2013


World's Toughest Drive follows the expedition of three adventurers embarking on the journey of a lifetime. Their aim is to attempt and break the world record for the fastest overland drive to the South Pole. Using their state-of-the-art specialized vehicle named “Polar”, the team races 700 miles across the icy terrain of Antarctica towards the South Pole in the hopes of overtaking the Guinness World Record of 2 days, 21 hours and 21 minutes. But beating the current record won’t be easy.

The three-man crew includes polar expedition leader Jason de Carteret, design engineer specialist Kieron Bradley and Jason Thomas “JT”, a Canadian copy writer who won his place on the expedition through a Thomson Reuters competition. The fourth member of the team is "Polar", a revolutionary concept vehicle custom built to withstand the uneven terrain and below freezing weather. 

"Polar" has been jacked up to run on massive 44-inch tires, has a supercharged V6 engine running on bio fuel, double wishbone suspension, a long bar fitted on the front designed to stop the vehicle from falling into crevasses and a reinforced survival cell built into the cab.

Throughout the expedition, the team faces numerous challenges. Lacking nearby assistance and without supply planes passing through. The team needs to execute their plan flawlessly or they will be left stranded in the frozen ice.

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